Muntiacus Reevesi

Muntjac is the smallest species in the wild in the UK. Introduced to Woburn Abbey in the early 1900’s, the Muntjac is now widely spread in England. Numbers have boomed in the last 20 years and it is a remarkably good eating animal.

Season: legally year round due to its all year round breeding habits, The Muntjac is realistically available in numbers sufficient to use in a restaurant in the winter and spring months – normally November to May.

Size: Muntjac carcasses are usually 8-11 kg in weight, yielding juicy chops and amazing haunches.

Cooking characteristics: Muntjac is sweet, mild and very flavoursome. No gaminess and very pale when cooked. The other factor is its brilliance for braising. Not watery at all, it cooks very well in curries and sauces. Shoulders make a stunning Ragu.

Yield: A good sized muntjac will yield 8 portions off the haunches, 8 off the saddle and 4 off the shoulders, depending on use.