Roe Deer

Capreolus Capreolus

Roe Deer is one of only 2 native breeds of deer in the UK. A delicate, medium sized deer, they can be found all over England and Scotland. Living in small family groups, the Roe deer is very populous.

Season: Females are in season November to March, with males coming in from April to October. Realistically the best time to use Roe is in the Winter, as Bucks are only sporadically available through the summer.

Size: A buck carcass will weigh 14-16kg, with a female weighing a little less.

Cooking characteristics: One of the gamiest deer, the venison is sweet but has a wild flavour. The Roe deer is a browser, living off a huge variety of plants and flora, which affects the flavour depending on region. Shoulders are stunning slow cooked. Some issues have been recorded with summer deer cooked pink – we always freeze Roe deer venison briefly before use.

Yield: A Roe Deer will yield 8 portions off each haunch, 10 portions of the saddle and 6-8 off the shoulders and neck. 32-36 portions in all.