The Country Food Trust

The Country Food Trust (TCFT) is a charity registered in both England & Wales and in Scotland. Founded in 2015 our sole aim is to feed people in need by producing game based ready meals which we distribute to charities helping people in need. We also buy and provide meats of all types to charities that cook for people in need. From inception we have now supplied more than 2,500,000 meals.

Our meals are produced in retort pouches, which means they have been pressure cooked and do not need to be refrigerated which makes them ideal as a meal to be handed out to people who may not have access to refrigeration. No additives are used in the process and the products have a one-year shelf life. We also supply pallets of chilled and frozen meat to redistribution charities who have freezers and who then split the pallet to smaller charities which have chefs in place.

We have delivered our meals to more than 3,500 charities around the country either directly or through distribution charities like FareShare, The Felix Project and City Harvest.

We have a team of about 50 county ambassadors who are also key in helping us meet our aims alongside 8 dedicated trustees. We have five amazing patrons in chef Mark Hix, cricketer David Gower, TV presenter Phil Spencer, renowned farmer and TV presenter Adam Henson and conservationist and restaurateur Mike Robinson.

The pandemic has increased the number of families struggling to put food on the table exponentially.  This is expected to increase with the rise of utility bills and the cost of living crisis. Over 8.4 million people in the UK are struggling to feed themselves.

How the Wild Venison Project helps

All deer used in this project will be culled using non lead making the venison mince appropriate for consumption by children, families and schools.

All suppliers of venison to The Wild Venison Project will be asked to donate to TCFT based on all new orders for venison they receive via the website.

We are asking retailers of venison to apply an optional round up to their customer purchases at checkout. One of our existing suppliers has raised enough money to fund over 10,000 meals to people in need using this scheme.

All restaurants supporting the scheme will be asked to place a surcharge on games dishes served in their restaurants.